Bless Online tusk lion companion



By request: The Bless Online Tusk Lion beast as a companion creature :D The rigging isn't perfect, the lower front legs stretch a bit when he prowls slowly. It's a problem the vanilla mountain lion body mesh has :( But I tried my best :D

You can find him on the outskirts of the Anvil area close to the Gweden farm fighting two mountain lions.

This esp is based on Kikonda's Desmond companion. I claim no rights!


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CM Belphe 2.0


Well well, the construction set, a curse and a blessing. Copy pasting face values from one NPC to another always causes little differences in the face structure. So Belphe looked a little weird when I saw screenshots of her in other people's games.


But the wonderful taepal77 managed to edit Belphe's face in the construction set to make her look more like the original character, something I could not do because I can not go ingame. For more images, visit his gallery here.


So if you want to make Belphe look more like in the original screenshots from my game (when it was still working),


Get taepal77's the edited esp from the added download. YOU STILL NEED THE ORIGINAL file of corse. Then download this and overwrite the esp :D



taepal77's edited CM Belphe esp
00 CM
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [4.0 KB]

CM Belphe BETA \o/

Finallyyyyy :D



I am so sorry this took so long, but that armor KILLED me. I really hope I got rid of all the clipping issues. And this here in the screenshot is what Belphe actually looks like ingame as opposed to all the Nifskope Dummy-Belphes you have seen XD Her face is a bit round and she has big eyes :D

Also: WEAPON xDD that thing is fekking HUGE! More about Belphe and her custom content in the ReadMe.


And remember: this is a BETA!! If anything is missing or buggy, let me know! And now excuse me while I keel over.


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Here are two bug fixes, one for her left eye and one for the wrong

armor slot in the esp.



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This is another resource pack.  I ported several Skyrim Ponies in various colours to Oblivion. They come with two equipment variants:
- a traveller's tack using pieces from WAC
- aaaand the Sethai and Elthrai Skyrim Horse Armors by Christian Paskota. You can find the original SKyrim mod here:

I claim no rights!!!


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YAAAY :D The final version of companion Mira ;) Her size has been adjusted so she is no longer a pony O_o

Mira is a cute little Shiba Inu dog companion and will accompany you on your travels. She is a vicious fighter and will protect you whenever she can. Give her a good home, OR ELSE :D


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Monster Deer Mount

Based on the Deer Mount mod by Tharanthiel, I bring you a Monster Deer Mount :D I found the mesh on the internet, no idea which game it is originally from. It was called White Heart Monster. Anyway :D



There are two versions in this mod: a white Deer and a black one. The black one is slightly bigger and faster. Both are essential. You can find them in the IC stables.


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Horse Resources Pack

This is a pack of horses for your game :D There is no esp since these are resources, but I added a little Tutorial on how to add these to your game in the ReadMe.



This pack includes horses from the game TERA online, DAZ/Poser aaaand a little extra XDD I hope you like them !


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Summon Fairy Vivio Edition BETA!!!

Finally it is DONE! :D It took me forever and there are still some clipping problems, BUT! She works :D It's basically really just the Summon Fairy mod, just with, well, VIVIO XD



The esp is based on the ASIAN version, since the English translation screwed up the weapon scripting, making the poor fairy defenseless. But do not fear, I added a translation of the Fairy menu to the readme, so please READ IT! And please IGNORE what the Readme says about the Sparkles. Somehow I managed to forget about editing out the sparkle shader. If it annoys you, the forth menu option toggles the sparkles on and off.


Also: This is a REPLACER! IF you already have a summon fairy mod, save the mesh and texture folders for it, ok? Ok.


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And remember:

This is a BETA! If anything is missing or buggy, let me know!


CM Harper

Haha XD Her file has been leaked a while ago, but here we go again :) Lets see :D



MissAniThrope took this simple CM partner file and added Harper's armor and weapon. Plus: her race is completely standalone, no other file is needed. Thanks again for that, Ani <3 So go and grab my dorky elf XDD


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Sparkles, a custom wisp companion

Fresh on the Nexus :D Sparkles is a cute, shiny custom wisp companion. And even if you don't want him as a follower, he makes a great prop/animated piece of decoration in a player home.



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Custom "Summon Fairy" mod

This is my custom version of the well known "Summon Fairy" mod. I gave her a new headmesh, Peggysims hair, a kimono and AION dragon weapons.



The original mod is also included in the file, so it's a standalone download. More in the readme.


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