A few days ago El Alquemista's jimdo website "The Alchemist's lab" has been "nuked" - meaning jimdo has blocked it for "violating the terms of use", never telling El Alquemista what the exact reason was. Since El is a good friend, this really made me angry.


From what we have gathered, someone who visited the site must have reported the site to jimdo for the few ripped mods El had uploaded.


To whoever you are: I congratulate you. There are only a handful of active Oblivion modders left, so you are basically digging your own grave. Way to go.


So. Looking at the content of my own site... It's not too far fetched that I am going to be nuked next. If that happens, I will NOT stop modding but simply move to a new site.




This entire ordeal is ridiculous and SAD. There are a gazillion of god damn Skyrim blogs which offer a shittown of ripped stuff all over the net - and nobody even cares. Even on the Nexus pages there are mods ready for download with ripped content.

You want examples?


- Apachii Sky hairs

Why? It contains hairs ripped from Final Fantasy 13. Yes, Jihls hair is ripped. It's the exact mesh that has been ripped from the game forever ago. And last I checked Square Enix content was not free for all?


- all mods containing sims hairs

By default ALL sims content is the property of EA Games, since the sims modderse need to use EA software to create it. So even if the sims modder gives the OK for their stuff to be ported to another game, it basically means SHIT.


- There are several armors on the Nexus which contain armor pieces from games like Soul Calibur or Dragon Age. I have been a modder for years, I spot stuff like that. And seeing stuff like that being ignored while other modders have their stuff banned from the nexus or their websites nuked MAKES ME MAD.


Make up your minds, game developers and Nexus staff. Either bann everything or nothing. The way it's being handled is just unfair and inconsequent.




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    Mithanas (Saturday, 20 June 2015 12:17)

    I have also noticed that, yesterday i went to his website and i couldn't. I thought that he removed his website, but now i see.
    But i don't know who can report El...

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    Noa Noa (Sunday, 21 June 2015 12:07)

    I also thought, that author removed his website. I was so apset, because the mods there were wonderfull. And now I am upset even more...

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    LurkingLurker (Sunday, 21 June 2015 12:16)

    Echoing what others have said, I thought ElAlquimista removed their site or something, hearing about this makes me sad.

    This is probably not the time to go into a rant about copyright laws (who would care what a faceless lurker thinks, anyway) but I do think punishing El for this is asinine- and as you say, probably the work of some individual with a vendetta rather the the copyright holders themselves.

    Just so you know, this lurker supports both you and El! I hope that trouble doesn't come your way as well; you both have given the Oblivion community a lot of work and great mods.

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    Ani (Monday, 22 June 2015 01:41)

    Damn, hun, that's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls...

    Once my site is up and running after I repair the damage (my hosting was hacked a couple of weeks ago), I'm more than happy to host for all of you. I pay for my hosting and have unlimited space and bandwidth, so it won't really be taxing on me. That way you can run blogs, but link off to a different page for downloads. How does that sound? Can you run this by everyone else on Jimdo as well?

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    Sylar0712 (Friday, 26 June 2015 04:13)

    What a bummer!
    I didn't understand why I couldn't access his site. Now that it's explained, I feel pretty annoyed. There have been so many cool sites been closed down. I hope he come back with all his glory. Thanks for letting us know.

  • #6

    Razzy (Saturday, 27 June 2015 15:54)

    Hmm...hope it doesn't happen to you or anyone else...I agree that is really unfair and I wonder why they decided to go specifically after El Alquemista... :/

  • #7

    Dari (Tuesday, 07 July 2015 17:00)

    OblivKitten's modding adventures was also nuked...brace yourselves.

  • #8

    Mr Alqui (Saturday, 29 August 2015 04:25)

    Hehehe... I'm not dead yet weeee! :D
    Well they tried to have me dead that's for sure XD
    I had my own rant about this on that den of iniquity called LL XDD
    The Rant Thread is very... liberating.
    I'd mention how I'm doing everything for free, not asking money and how ridiculous it is to condemn ports considering every person in the world wearing a costume should be sued for copyrights too after all...
    But I'm on a Zen state now and I rise again from my own ashes... in other words, new site. Link's at my DA and some other places too... see you there hopefully.

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